I am an International Postdoctoral Fellow with the Institute of Political Science at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, and the Associate Editor of the 9DASHLINE. I have a Ph.D. in Political Science (International Relations) from the National University of Singapore. I was also a Swiss Excellence Research Scholar in 2018-19. More information about my academic and professional experience can be found on the About page.

My current research explores whether and how India's national identities and interests have changed with its emergence as rising power. I also study the value of prudence in statecraft, especially as a normative and prescriptive approach for decision-making under uncertainty and in crises.

Recent Publications

I draw on Weber’s ‘Politics as a Vocation’ to explore Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership of the coronavirus pandemic in India.

India has long treated South Asia as a constraint on its ambitions and dismissed its concerns. Six years on, there is little evidence to suggest that its foreign policy establishment has changed how it views the region.

I discuss some findings from my ongoing research for the Making Identity Count Project. We talk about continuities and changes in India's national identities since independence, and what this means for the current battle between secularism and Hindu nationalism.

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